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A Theory : One Point One

Number 301 in the Incidental Series


Elevens 05:19
Tongues 04:59
Piece of Mind 04:08
Tundra * 04:31

* Soundcloud-only bonus track

A Theory : artists

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A theory can be "normative (or prescriptive)", meaning a postulation about what ought to be. It provides "goals, norms, and standards"

A theory is a contemplative and rational type of music.

A theory can be a body of sounds, which may or may not be combined in a particular explanatory model.

A theory is a process by which concepts are derived from the usage of this music.

A theory uses both live sampled and acoustic sound sources to complete a whole in silence.

A theory consists of two entities with similar mass orbiting around a common barycenter with elliptic orbits.

A theory contains reasoning and logical connections based on hypotheses and evidence.

One Point One

02 December 2013

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ZTIS 301

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