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Anne Pigalle

As one of the early ZTT press ads proclaimed, ‘You Cannot Suck The Same Piece Of Sugar Forever’.

In other words, times change, it’s always time to move on. Everything from Zang Tuum Tumb had to have an explosive beginning, middle and equally dramatic end. “I think, in the fictional world of ZTT, Frankie Goes To Hollywood should have only lasted about one album and its complete run was four singles,” Paul Morley later commented. “There was then the possibility of selling them to Sony at the time and in a theoretical way I was possibly the one person in the camp that was pro that. It was probably naïve of me, or maybe sophisticated, I don’t know which way round it is. But as a journalist, as a commentator, I knew that its energy was over…”

Just as Frankie’s energy was over by 1987, so was the original, ‘phase one’ of ZTT, and who better to sing it’s closing theme than Anne Pigalle? She embodied the original spirit of the label – a unique, unknown voice, another left turn in an already-surreal variety act, getting the best studio and production in the world, and the all the world as a stage. Once described “as if Edith Piaf walked into the Star Wars bar,” Pigalle left ZTT after her first album and headed to LA to work on in film and now lives and works in London as a singer, performer and artist.

Ian Peel
extract from the book
accompanying Zang Tuum Tumb,
The ZTT Box Set



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