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Art of Noise : Into Battle (Element Edition)

Catalogue # SALVOCD049

Into Battle

Beat Box
The Army Now
Moments In Love
Bright Noise
Flesh In Armour
Comes and Goes
Moment In Love


Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise?
One Finger of Love
Diversions 1
Two Fingers of Love
The Uncertainty of Syrup
Damn it All!
Three Fingers of Love
Sign of Relief
Hands Off Love
Diversions 5
Goodbye, Art of Noise
Close (to the edit)
Diversions 3
The Movement of Desire
And What Have You Done With My Body, God?
The Wiounds of Wonder
A Time For Fear (Who's Afaid?)


INTO BATTLE: made up in the capital FEBRUARY-AUGUST 1982, released SEPTEMBER 1983

WORSHIP: collaged in the capital JANUARY-APRIL 1984, locked in a vault, released APRIL 2011

This was always Number ONE in Zang Tuum Tumb’s blue Incidental Series. 
“to the death for life”


Art of Noise : artists

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Art Of Noise are not a band. Never were.

They are an organisation, a distinctly non-rockist creative, post-modernist collective. Starting out as a mysterious, Trevor Horn led experimental studio outfit, the primary contributors to the adventure were Royal College Of Music graduate, Anne Dudley; producer/arranger J.J. Jeczalik and songwriter, instrumentalist and engineer/producer Gary Langan.

Ex-NME writer Paul Morley contributed ideas and delivered the bands non-image to the press and media. Horn himself had already tasted success on several different levels, beginning with The Camera Club, featuring the additional talents of Thomas Dolby and Geoff Downes. Horn and Downes then formed Buggles, who scored big with the prescient ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’, a global megahit in 1979. The duo then produced progressive rock giants Yes’ ‘Tormato’ album, before being invited to join the band. This was an uneasy marriage, not least of all for Yes’ conservative fanbase, and when Yes split in 1981, Downes joined guitarist Steve Howe’s new venture, Asia. Horn went on to achieve immortality as one of the most innovative and visionary British production talents of all time, but not before the Art Of Noise project.

It was 1983 that Art Of Noise were unleashed on an unsuspecting public, with the debut vinyl EP ‘Into Battle With Art Of Noise’ winning admirers from the then disparate worlds of the pop and dance markets. Dazzling production from Horn, (a year after ABC’s landmark ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ masterpiece, a year before the insane explosion that was Frankie Goes To Hollywood) lifted Art Of Noise above the pop pap of the day, creating a post-rock soundscape that melded hip-hop beats with studio trickery, tape-splicing and more than a little humour…

Into Battle (Element Edition)

04 April 2011


Element 16

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