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May 2006: Glenn Gregory, on his timeless duet with Claudia Brücken…

"When Your Heart Runs Out of Time was recorded for the Nicolas Roeg film 'Insignificance'. Time muddies the waters but I think I got a call from Paul Morley saying he'd got an idea for Claudia and myself to sing a duet. Typically Paul's idea was a little left field, it's a country track! Not only that but the key was kind of low for me and I ended up sounding like Hank Marvin singing 'I was Born Under A Wandering Star'. But it worked, and after a few sessions we had it done.

I always loved the first line of the song "I came by this morning, your friends said you'd moved on…gone without a warning…" So country. I never thought I'd have the chance to sing lyrics like that. Claudia and I had really good fun with the whole thing.

The actual recording sessions were great fun; Claudia, Paul and I were good friends and the idea of singing a country song with a guy from Sheffield and a girl from Düsseldorf was just a perfect thing for a ZTT release.

We enlisted the help of another friend, Midge Ure who had a studio in Chiswick. It just gets better, Sheffield, Düsseldorf, Scotland, Chiswick the perfect Country and Western combination! Midge put some fantastic guitar on the track and recorded the vocals and we were away…

The Cinema doorstep video was another Morley idea. We had spent the day shooting a normal video - well, as normal a video as Paul ever did - in a studio and it went really well. Then Paul announced that we were gonna go to a cinema in Haymarket where the film was just about to finish and stand on the steps and sing the song as people left… Of course they had just been listening to the track as it was played as the end credits rolled.

Claudia was really nervous about it and I had to keep hold of her arm to stop her running away. I think we sang it a couple of times through and that was it. Just a mad idea and a laugh really, but it looked great and I always loved that film. I do seem to remember Spike Jonze walking past actually - mmmmm!"



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