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Lisa Jane Stansfield was born in Manchester on April 11th 1966. Her family moved to Heywood, then to Rochdale at age 11. Lisa has an elder sister, Karen, and a younger sister, Suzanne.

Lisa's style is one of soul, jazz, and dance music. She admits that her mother's playing of Diana Ross and the Supremes was her first musical influence, with her idols being Barry White and Marvin Gaye.

At the age of 14, she entered a talent contest sponsored by The Manchester Evening News. It was at a club - The Talk Of The Town - where she won a singing competition, which led to TV. Approaching the age of 15/16, she started to record, making successful pop records. Wanting to get her records played on a show called "Razzamatazz", she sent pictures and her recordings. From this, the producer hired her for the show.

About 1983, Lisa, and former school mates, Andy Morris and Ian Devaney, formed the group Blue Zone (known as Blue Zone UK in the US). They wrote some songs, produced a demo, and took it around to record labels. A small indie label, Rockin' Horse Records signed them. Rockin' Horse was eventually bought up by Arista Records. Blue Zone's first single "On Fire" was getting popular, but a disastrous fire at King's Cross made them pull the record as not to offend. The next tune was "Thinking About His Baby", with the b-side "Big Thing". KISS-FM picked up on "Big Thing", as did the clubs, and it sold 10,000 singles in a week.

Andy and Ian had worked previously with the production team of Matt Black and Jonathan Moore, know as Coldcut, on the song "Stop This Crazy Thing". They told Coldcut of Lisa's vocal skills, and in 1989, Blue Zone with Coldcut recorded and released "People Hold On". The song soared to Number 11 on the UK charts. On the strength of this hit, Arista signed Lisa as a solo artist, with Andy and Ian as her composers, musicians, and producers. Coldcut returned the favour by producingLisa next record "This Is The Right Time".

Lisa’s first solo breakthrough hit came in 1989 with the massive worldwide smash, ‘All Around The World’. A number one hit in the UK and US where it topped both the pop and R&B charts, ‘All Around The World’ won an Ivor Novello award for Best Contemporary Pop Song. Lisa’s debut album, ‘Affection’, entirely co-written by the ex-Blue Zone members has sold nearly 5 million copies worldwide.

Now based in Dublin, Lisa Stansfield has achieved phenomenal success in partnership with Ian Devaney and Andy Morris.

BRIT Awards (British Grammy)
1990 - Most Promising Newcomer
1991 - Best British Female Artist
1992 - Best British Female Artist

DMC Awards
1990 - Best Album (Affection)
1990 - Best Artist
1991 - Best Album (Real Love)

Silver Clef Award
1990 - Best New Artist
World Music Award
1991 - Best British Artist

1991- Writer of the Most Performed Song
(All Around The World)

Ivor Novello Award
1990 - Best Contemporary Song
(All Around The World)
1991 - Best International Song
(All Around The World)

Billboard Award
1990 - Best Newcomer

An accomplished and versatile performer, equally comfortable with dance, pop and soul, Lisa Stansfield has been a familiar and welcome presence in the charts for fifteen years. All six studio albums to date have seen Lisa evolving into the complete artist she is today. Down to earth, intelligent and gifted, Lisa Stansfield has consistently produced songs from the heart delivered in her own distinctive, effortlessly powerful voice.

Now, Lisa Stansfield is back. Back with a new album, a new producer, the innovative Trevor Horn and an exciting new sound. Lisa’s unmistakable voice sounds as fresh as ever but the songs on new album, ‘The Moment’, reveal an established artist still evolving and still experimenting.

According to Lisa: “I was nervous about this album, but all my life I have done things that have scared me, from a really early age I have been thrown in the deep end and I think that is the only way I can work.”

In an inspired move and in what is undoubtedly a marriage made in musical heaven, Lisa is working with Trevor Horn- the acclaimed producer behind Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Seal. Production started on ‘The Moment’ at the beginning of 2004.

“The whole thing was just really refreshing. We would write really quickly and just go in and see what worked. Initially we played with a full band and then Trevor would add and take things away. But there is a live, relaxed feel to some of the vocals, which came from those early sessions. I am a real perfectionist and it was just really exciting to let go.”

‘The Moment’ follows the success of last year’s greatest hits collection, ‘Biography’ which charted at number 3 in the UK album charts. In total, Lisa has sold nearly 20 million albums worldwide cementing her position as one of Britain’s most popular and gifted female vocalists.



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