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Legendary classics Pacific and Cübik are re-released on 4 May 1998 to promote the ZTT Best Of album entitled 808:88:98.

808 State have recorded their own remixes and Grooverider and Jon Carter's Monkey Mafia gave the Jungle and Big Beat treatment.

John McCready writes: "… (808:88:98) underlines the considerable achievements of these, there-first-and-still-there, square pegs who couldn't drop into the round holes the record industry so considerately provides for the modern musician. Not even if they tried. I listened to these records again and ended up feeling unsettled and elated by the tones, twists and subtleties I had missed first time around. Some of these records started life scoring the moment. It's clear they're still worthy of your time as the culture they emerged from fades to a nostalgic speck on the horizon."

You can read John McCready's 808:88:98 essay in full in the Zang Tuum Archives.

808:88:98 is on sale now in the Zang Tumb Shop.