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Barrington Stewart R.I.P.

The team at Zang Tumb Tuum were saddened to hear of the passing of singer and producer Barrington Stewart.

Barrington sang with 808 State, most notably on 10x10, released in 1993 as part hands-in-the-air anthem, part plaintive epitaph to the rave scene.

Also taking lead vocals on Incognito's 100% And Rising album, click here to see Barrington in action on stage with 808 State - singing Gimme Shelter, 1in10 and 10x10 - at Castlefield Arena in 1993.

Graham Massey: “If singers were plants, Barry had green fingers. He nurtured and coaxed others while bringing a quiet confidence and warmth with his own voice. From the Boardwalk to the Hollywood Bowl, Barry effortlessly charmed any audience in his path.”